Manquehue Hotel Puerto Montt
Av. Seminario 252
Puerto Montt, Los Lagos, 5501642, Chile
Tel. (+56) 65 / 2331000
Fax. (+56) 65 / 2331001

Comprehensive service for wedding parties

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Our project is to bring the South of Chile all our experience performing for 15 years celebrations of marriages in Santiago. The concept of all inclusive for one price is our hallmark: Living + music + packaged banqueting + + lighting + decorative wedding night suite, etc. With this mix of services we offer comprehensive care and high standard that facilitates the production of such an important event and the success of the festival will promote the prestigious Hotel Manquehue in Puerto Montt boyfriends and nearby regions.

Below you can see a picture of what we can offer in Puerto Montt currently on the item decoration. Because weddings should be treated in a personalized way we ask those interested to call us for an appointment where an executive will explain in detail the process Hotel Manquehue offers to ensure that the wedding party has adequate planning for the wedding it is a success. .. and without stress. Contact telephone 05/7088182 Francisco Cabello.

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To make contact with an executive and can quote your wedding party or your company party César Pérez to contact 08-5492647